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Funding for NHS courses

Funding for NHS coursesThe NHS provide bursaries to help you get through the final years of a medicine or dentistry degree and other courses leading to careers in allied health care. Read on to find out more.

NHS bursaries for undergraduate courses

Undergraduate medical and dental students living in England and Wales doing standard five to six year courses may be eligible for NHS bursaries and help with tuition fees in their fifth and further years of study. The main entitlement consists of:

  • a means-tested NHS bursary
  • the full amount of your tuition fees paid by the NHS
  • a reduced rate (approximately 50%) Student Loan for Maintenance not based on your income (from Student Finance England)

For the first four years your financial support will the same as for other higher education students.

NHS bursaries for graduate courses

From 2012, students on the five year graduate entry medical programmes are not eligible for a tuition fees loan for the first four years of their course, although they can apply for a maintenance loan from Student Finance England. The same financial support available to undergraduates, detailed above, is then available for the rest of the course.

Graduate students beginning a four year accelerated course in 2012 are expected to pay the first £3,375 of their tuition fees for their first year. The NHS then pays the first £3,375 per year for the rest of the course. Tuition fee loans are available to cover the difference between £3,375 and the maximum tuition fees amount of £9,000 throughout your course.

NHS bursaries for allied health professional courses

NHS bursaries are available for NHS-approved pre-registration courses in England and Wales in the following subjects from 2012;

Dietetics, occupational therapy, operating department practice, orthoptics, physiotherapy, prosthetics & orthotics, podiatry & chiropody, radiography (diagnostic and therapeutic), speech and language therapy.

The main entitlement consists of:

  • a grant of £1,000 per year
  • the full amount of your tuition fees paid by the NHS
  • students can apply for a means-tested bursary of up to £4,395 per year (up to £5,460 in London)

NHS bursaries for nursing courses

NHS bursaries for nursing students are being replaced by loans. The full details of the new system have not yet been confirmed.

For qualifying students, the NHS bursary for students on NHS-approved pre-registration courses is the same as for allied health professional courses, detailed above.

Other criteria

To be eligible for an NHS bursary you must be accepted for an NHS-funded place.

In Wales, the eligibility conditions and rates of bursary are the same as in England. Your bursary application will be dealt with by the NHS (Wales) Student Awards Unit.

If you attend a course in Scotland or Northern Ireland you will need to speak to the relevant national authorities.

NHS students studying a degree level course are eligible for payments from the Access to Learning Fund.

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