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About the LPA

What is the LPA?

The ‘London Professional Apprenticeship’ is a distinctive experience and a programme that attracts the brightest talent, with 250 outstanding young Londoners, from diverse backgrounds, coming together to learn and develop.

It places people on Level 3 programmes and upwards and turns them into business people who deliver significant value to their employers. The programme changes perceptions of what an Apprenticeship can be, thereby enabling employers to attract the best possible talent to their organisation. By applying their business skills and leveraging their network of fellow learners, apprentices will be equipped to become the next generation supporting London’s growth.

Why join the LPA?

  • Provides the opportunity to be part of a new prestigious programme;
  • Supports you in finding the right employer;
  • Offers a respected higher (up to degree-equivalent) level qualification whilst earning a salary and gaining experience in London;
  • Become part of a well-connected and supportive community of learners from other businesses in London;
  • Provides you with the relevant skills to maximise your opportunities;
  • Enables you to benefit from the experience of others through additional support such as mentoring.

Why is the LPA a unique experience?

In addition to a Professional and Business Apprenticeship, the LPA offers a lot more:

  • London Induction Events: creating a sense of community across businesses, delivering core business and interpersonal skills training for the apprentices;
  • Networking events: building a sustainable network of London business contacts for both employers and learners;
  • Mentoring: providing coaching and support to help apprentices adapt to develop and add value in the workplace;
  • Work placements: offering apprentices a wide range of employment experiences in London to build confidence, capability and credibility;
  • London-specific training: developing apprentices’ awareness of business opportunities for their employers, through training in subjects such as exporting, entrepreneurship and London’s role in the UK and global economy; and
  • Graduation: a prestigious event and awards ceremony that recognises the achievements of the apprentices and opens a new chapter in their careers.

You can find out more and register here: